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Church Sessions


Ex-Pimp on; on his 3rd strike, have to change careers in a hurry so he decides to open up a church to bring in easy cash.  He hired his closest of friends to help him run it, but little do he knows that one or some of them have an agenda of their own.


We are currently looking for non speaking roles and extras.  We will be looking for stand-ins also; so if it’s a character in which you would like to cast for, then let me know. I will send you the script and encourage you to study that part. 


We will also be including you in the rehearsals.


Possible Speaking Roles:

  • Rika – Young female with children. Party goer, but laid back. (Wearing a dress that the elders may not seem as fit for church.

  • Sister Bridgette – Lady trying to get a chance to be the head singer in the choir, but she can’t sing and keeps being turned down.

  • Darryl – Young Man… Funny and after every chic he sees

  • Mike – Darryl’s homie ….  Funny and after every chic he sees

  • Laura – Lady that Darryl and Mike both are trying to get with. Nice attitude, but not lame. She knows the game.


Non Speaking (or limited speaking) Roles (Very Important to the film)

  • 2 Police Officers (Limited Speaking Roles)

  • Nice looking Lady – (She is sitting in her seat and Darryl attempt to talk to her until her boyfriend comes and sit next to her.)

  • Boyfriend (Nice Looking Lady’s boyfriend)

  • Choir Members

  • Bald Headed Man w/Tupee


Extras …..

  • Church Goers

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