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We are filming for the Following Feature Films:

"Ride Out"

Pre - Production

2 guy meet  2 ladies at a liquor store and decides to take a cruise in the city; roasting everyone that comes cross their path.

Future Castings Calls:  TBA


A married woman goes against her husband’s wishes and hangs out with her mischievous cousin. Some bad things happen to her that leave her husband with a tough decision to make.

127 Hood Story

A middle age woman is stressed out from all of the drug dealing and crime that is happening in her front yard. She decides to take matters in her own hands by confronting the drug dealers. They aren't backing down and neither is she. 

Lisa – Middle age woman (Black/Hispanic) – Crack Head (responsible, over protective)

Tommy – Lisa’s son. (Black, Hispanic) Late  20’s/30’s: Laid back

Meka – (Lesbian) any race. Drug Dealer.  20’s/30’s;  Shit starter

Latrenda – Any race (20’s/30’s) Tommy’s baby mother

Katheryn – Any race.  Middle age.  Lisa’s friend (Crack-head)

Jeremy – Lisa’s friend . Middle age.  Any race. (Crack-head)

Karyn – Lisa’ friend (40’s plus) Any race

Grimy – DA plug.  20’s/30’s Any race .. . Laid back

Weebo – Dope boys,,  Any race.. 20s/30s

Dale – Dope Boys   Any race, 20s/30s

Bria – 20’s/30s Any race.  Fine chics in the hood

Diamond – 20s/30s Any race. Fine Chics in the hood

Prestige – Crack head. Middle age  Any race

June bug – Mid/Late teen: Any race

Tatum – Mid/Late teen: Any race

Security Guard – Obesed . Any race 40 plus

Barber – Any Gender/ Any race, 30 plus


"Church Sessions 2"  TBA

Deacon Brown is upset that Pastor accused him of trying to steal the church's money, so he seeks revenge.

"Sunday Get Together" TBA

While Cheryl is preparing her and her husband's first gathering at their new home, Alexander is enjoying life so much that he is forgetting that he is married.  


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