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Zoeboe69 Biography


Born as Alonzo Brock; his stage name is Zoeboe69 (First name Zoeboe; Last Name 69), is known for his tell it like it is comedy style.  He’s an Army Veteran and was a single father of 3 of his 5 children; so, he has plenty of jokes of his survival.


He has a comedy CD titled “Ya Mad Bih”, in which his comedy single: Jeans So Tight” was constantly being requested on Satellite radio and the comedy video “Jeans So Tight” had over 30,000 views with the first week of being published.  He is currently an Internet Radio Host on BFAM 109.6; which have reached over 3 million listeners.


He promoted numerous shows across Florida and have been on several online radio shows,

podcasts, and acted in numerous comedy skits and local hood movies. Here is a list of a few

of his accomplishments:

  • “Ya Mad Bih” (Comedy CD)

  • 127 Hood Story (Writer, Director, Producer, Actor)

  • Hood Uber (Actor)

  • Debit Card Life Matters (Actor, Writer, Director, Producer) IMDB credits

    • Streaming on TIVID TV; Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, and a few more streaming services.

  • Church Sessions (Actor, Writer, Director, Producer)  (IMDB credits) (TUBI, TIVID TV)

  • Slow Dance (Self-Published Book)

  • What Will U Do? (Self-Published Book)

  • Podcast Host:  (You Men Are The Worst) BFAM 109.6 (Past)

  • Podcast Host: (Speak That Shyt) and Radio Host on BFAM 109.6 (Present)

    • Currently has over 5.9 million clicks on Bfam and over 100,000 active listeners during Live​

  • Comedy Smash: Chapter 2 – (TIVID TV)

  • Over 1.4m views on Tik Tok (Currently 06/03/22; Account active 01/30/22 ).. @kingscasleent

  • Viral comedy videos/skits.

    • “Jeans So Tight” (40,000 views. 1st week of being posted)

    • Fred Sanford remake (110k views) on TIk Tok

      • and 555K on FB Reels as of 6/7/22 

    • Forest Gump remake (40k views)

    •  “Prostate Check up” On Tik Tok (47k views and; 1 month of being posted

    • Numerous comedy Tik Tok Skits averaging 3k to 20k views

He brings on a mixture of old school “tell it like is” story telling comedy mixed with new school “hit it real quick one liners” which enable him to murder every showcase in which he performed.  He has performed on stage with comedians that has performed on BET Def Comedy Jam, Comic View, BET, MTV, etc,  such as Kool Bubba Ice, Odis Odog, Comedian Genesis, Doo Doo Brown, Bubba Dub; William Sloan, John Jacobs; to name a few.


Tik Tok:     



For Booking:   941-681-1710


30 Minute Set:  Rated R

Heading 2

It Is What It Is comedy tour.png

5 Min. Set PG 13

Getting Old

Black People W/Soap

Women Sexual Peak

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