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One Episode $300

Fashion Headphones

6 Months (24 - 26 episodes) $6000

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One Month ( 4 Episodes) $1000

Listening to Music on Phone

1 Year (50 - 52 Episodes) $12000

Reasons You Should Sponsor Our Show

Its a Tax Write Off / Charitable Contribution 

Over an estimated 5.9 million listeners has chimed in on this station

Speak That Shyt has over 100k active listeners/viewers during our live session.

We are broadcasting on a commercial free platform. Therefore our listeners are getting a direct recommendation about your business straight from us. Traditional radio listeners often turn down the radio or change the station as soon as they hear any advertising.

Your company information will be streaming during our live stream and other benefits.



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 Our fans and listeners tune into our live podcast every week eager to hear our

'sometimes' very controversial standpoints on various subjects.


Each week we have segments that can cover from the most trending entertainment topics,

to segments where we express our own personal feelings and thoughts on current events

and relationship topics; to include explicit sexual content. This show has quickly become

one of the top shows on BFAM 109.6. 

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