"Pastor Robert"

Alonzo "Zoeboe69" Brock is a comedian, actor, and screen writer.  He is an Army Veteran and a self-published author of 2 books "Slow Dance and What Will You Do?" He's written, directed, and acted in numerous Hood Movies. He directed his first movie, "127 Hood Story" in 2013. He has plenty of skits on Tik Tok (@Kings Castle Ent) and You Tube (Zoeboe69 Family). He also have short films on You Tube.  


Portia Auplant
"First Lady"


Hey You.. just call me Pinkk.  I've been acting since 2011. I'm a mother of 3 beautiful young ladies. Giving Thanks to the higher powers and very thankful who did it. My loyalty to be myself is beyond anything I've accomplished in life goals. Ballet was my passion, it also helped me overcome my stage fright. I'm now into IT and Cybersecurity; along with many other black women  who's getting more involved into this career field.  "Nothing comes from faith, but the work put in" so stay focused and live your life to the fullest happiness level possible.  

Katrina Pink
"Evangelist Tonya"


Gadainson Nelson
"Deacon Brown"


Deeza Lynn SIms
"Mrs. Ursula"

Deeza Lynn Sims is a writer, producer, actress, model, and coach. Native of Valdosta GA by way of St. Petersburg, FL and now Rome, GA. President of Hughes Entertainment/Paramount Production and Entertainment Studio of Pasadena CA.  I am a educator and entrepreneur. I enjoy traveling, cooking, and spending time with family.


Chrissy CL
"Mrs. Charlene"

Chrissy CL is a comedian that has performed at the Pageant Queen of Comedy and Video Vixen: SO what if it was only one music video: She rocked it. She is a personal trainer who will feed you tacos afterwards. She is a Child Psychologist; it's okay to beat your kids.  And now she is an actress.


Darryl "Stewey Boy" Barnes


Quaneshia Jackson


Efren Hutchins


Kiani Kennedy

Kiani Kennedy, Florida Native, Army Veteran and Small Business Owner is an actress, model, casting director, production assitant/manager, location manager, and wardrobe consultant for films. She made her professional acting debut in 2020, as Beth Noisette a background actress appearing in "Love & Hip Hop Miami, David Makes Man & Life's Reward. Although COVID came on the scene, she still continued her craft by being featured in online shows such as Steve Harvey's "Hey Steve". She has made appearances in a number of film and television productions, working with some incredible names in the industry. Kiani, appeared in her first Model Runway Show, "The Hands of Hope" Fashion Couture II" March 2022. Recently featured on "A&E original docu-series, Digital Addicrtion" June 2022 and music video, "Grandma's House" on spotify & other music streaming platforms. Follow her on IG @kianikennedy.


Michael Evans

On the 14th of July 2020, comedy birthed yet another comedian into the industry by the name of Michael Evans. After years of procrastination and self doubting, Michael Evans finally took the plunge on that fateful night by performing on a virtual open mic and hasn't looked back since. Widely known for his high energy, charismatic stage presence, and unorthodox approach to joke telling, Michael Evans has been a fast rising star with no sign of letting up anytime soon.  he can be seen performing regularly at Laugh-in-Comedy Cafe, Flappers Comedy Club, West Palm Beach Improv, Miami Improv, and the place where it all started; The Villain Comedy Club based out of Miami FL.


Roberto Font

Born Roberto Font-Andino, known as Mini, was born to a Puerto Rican mother and an Italian father.  Mini is an actor and Stand up comedian.  He was able to tour the East Coast with the  duo "The Brothers HaHa.".  He helped write and produce the music for the movie "Heroina :A true Life Story."  Mini performed at venues all over Florida. He is affluent in writing movie scripts also. He had a leading role in Friday, "The theater version" and a recording role as Police Sergeant Mendez in the online  drama, "Life of Diego Jones"


Sharon Mckay-Anguin

Sharon R. Mckay-Jackson(Known as Anguin ) is an American actress. Originally a Texan native, she started her journey in Modeling and Acting courses at John Casa Blanca in Raleigh, NC. She has been modeling/acting for the past 10 years. She moved to Florida when she was offered an opportunity for a job transfer in October 2016 that leads to life changes. Being in front of a camera has always meant a lot to her because she is very confident and not camera shy.  She has paricipated in several runway/modleing  opportunities as well as the workshops/classes that enabled an enhancement to acting and modeling career.  


Nekia Johnson

Janekia Johnson is a 29 years young with 3 beautiful children who motivate her to keep going and to give her best at everything. Acting allows her to fully express her personality through different, but yet relatable characters.  Aside of being a mom and aspiring actor, she is a Licensed Esthetician and successful business owner.


Jasmine Fletcher

Dominique Danner
"Sister Shirley"

Andrew Johnson
"Brother James"


Kylie Nicole

Kylee Nicole Peck is an American actress, writer, and director located in St. Petersburg, FL. She was born December 03, 1991 in Newark, OH. Kylee Nicole began her career as an actress in 2021. She is currently represented by Beyond Beauty Talent. In her free time she enjoys gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, reading, writing, the Japanese language, learning, participating in sports, photography, comedy, editing, modeling, and aviation. 


Once in a generation, an artist captures lighting in a bottle. Now, with a fully charged blend of street integrity and radio instinct, Chewy Mane delivers an electrified experience with music that transcends his two decades of survival on the streets. Lyrics that are forged in fires of survival with instinctive visions framed by positive attitudes and arena sized hooks. These are the keys to his rising appeal. Life has indeed  been a hustle for Chewy Mane and his most impressive talent is an ability to rise above these challenges. Through his music he shares this positivity with fans. 

Chewy Mane
"Weed Dealer"


Lexi Baca
"Church Gossiper"

Alexis Baca, also known as Lexi Baca, began her acting career as a child growing up in Long Beach, CA where she was in various movies, TV shows, and commercials. Her passion for acting continues to grow stronger. She currently lives in Southwest Florida where she continues to act and model. She has been involved in many runway shows, as well as much print work. You can follow her on Instagram; Lexi.rae3. 

Rudy Jacobs
"Church Goer"


Brandon Meyer
"Police Officer #1"

Brandon Meyer grew up in the suburbs of Chicago with fantastic theaters and great historic cinemas; including the unique experience of a drive-in cinema. THe dream of film was always growing inside. Brandon moved to Tampa in 2016 following the great advice of his wife to leave winters behind. With the help of many people early on, Brandon fell into an exciting non speaking role in Stills. He enjoyed the project so much , he invested and hasn't looked back since. 


Justin Ayala
"Police Officer # 2"

Justin Ayala was born in Waterury, CT and lived there until 13 years old when his family moved to Wesley Chapel, FL. From age 10 to this very day, he shares a love and passion for film. He didn't have too much growing up but going to a movie theatre was absolutely a treat to him. In high school, he would always watch his friends in theatre perform. It was very fascinating. He eventually started helping with short films; working equipment and is ready to finally step into the shoes of an actor.